The old real estate axiom, "Buyers Buy with Emotion and Sellers Sell with Logic" certainly extends to the first time and novice investors in the current market.
Home is not a liquid investment and more this is a life time savings for most people.
Buyers might become emotional about buying a property, rushing to buy and ignoring an appropriate due diligence process.
I will provide with the best experience and make you think through your personal situation and check what can/cannot be compromised,  whether you are first time home buyer, investor or relocating to or from the South & East Bay area.  
I am there every step of the way before, during and even after your ultimate goal is achieved.
Sellers should feel pride of ownership. They should understand the market place, kind of crowd moving into the neighborhood to maximize the dollar value.
I understand your needs and desires, making the selling process enjoyable and exhilarating, as well as, ensuring your time and money are maximized

Satya Dasari